WaveMaker v3

I’ve added a few more gizmos and python functions to davidemeny.com, feel free to use them as you wish.

Edit on 12/10/2013: This tool has been superceded by my new tool Animation Maker.

One of which helps you generate waves in the curve editor:

WaveMaker v3

Animating flickering lights or continuous movement is a doddle in Nuke if you know how to generate sine waves, noise waves etc in the expression editor.

For example: a simple sine wave ranging from 0 to 1 with a wavelength of n frames would be “=sin((frame/(n/2))*pi)/2+0.5”. For the maths geeks, whipping up expressions is second nature, but for many of us it’s a hassle to remember all the various combinations when we just want a thing that goes up and down in a repetitive or random way.

WaveMaker gives you a choice of a variety of handy wave shapes, lets you put in a minimum and maximum number, gives you a ‘Speed’ slider, an ‘Offset’ slider and then you just press ‘Generate’ to write out whatever complex expression you need to make that wave. Just link the ‘Result’ value to whatever you want to control and you’re away.

It also lets you use a second, slower wave to affect the other wave. For example, you have a high frequency pulsing noise wave but you want it to fade up and down in intensity over time. Just use a slow sine wave and tick the ‘use modulator wave’.

With version 3, I have now added a ‘squarify’ tick box, which converts any wave you come up with into a square wave version. I have also added loads more wave types, including TRIANGLE and SAWTOOTH.

Have a play around, you can make some pretty weird looking waves. This isn’t a gizmo you will use all the time, but when you do, it’ll save you a lot of time writing long expressions or creating lots of keyframes.

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VFX artist from the UK.

2 Responses to WaveMaker v3

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi David, thanks for sharing your tools.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So cool, thank you!

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