Mocha ASCII Importer


Just made a python script to help quickly import Mocha tracker data into Nuke 7’s wonderful new tracker. Of course, you can export a Nuke CornerPin from Mocha, but having the four tracks inside a tracker node allows you to create cornerpins, transforms, average tracks, add other tracks etc.

The easy answer is to create a tracker with four tracks and manually copy the animation from the cornerpin or load the four ascii files one by one into each tracker.

If you use Mocha a lot, this can be laborious. So this script asks you to locate one of the four Nuke ASCII files you exported from Mocha, then burps out a tracker node with all the tracks inside. Anything to shave off precious seconds I say.

Download the python script here

About davemne
VFX artist from the UK.

One Response to Mocha ASCII Importer

  1. Thanks David. This saves a lot of time 🙂

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